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Automated packaging machinery industry needs urgent problem

Packaging machinery worldwide demand is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 5.3%. Has the largest packaging equipment maker were: the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy and China. The foreign packaging machinery market demand situation in regions are different. According to China's national economic development planning and implementation of a well-off standard of living needs to be for the packaging industry, the food industry to provide 100 billion to 200 billion yuan this year within a few years of equipment for the "vegetable basket" offer of 80 billion to 100 billion yuan equipment, which some enterprises, is a good opportunity for development.

In recent years, China's packaging industry, although the annual growth rate ranked first in the traditional industry, but with the international market, you have to speed up the development of science and technology package, make it to the economic, efficient and multi-direction. Making machine for packaging machinery industry an important one, the rapid pace of development in China in recent years, in addition to the video industry, its demand rising, the automation industry demand is also rising.

At present, domestic and international advanced automatic bag sealing equipment technical parameters have been almost the same, the main difference of such equipment in the country is in the machine running speed. But simply to enhance the operation speed of the device to enhance the efficiency of the way the device has little space for the most advanced equipment have stayed at the speed 12000P, become the bottleneck of performance of this device.

Right now, through research, to develop a device does not rely solely on speed, but through a separate bag pattern transformation equipment, etc. in order to achieve further efficiency equipment, keep the device faster, more efficient, and the degree of automation in the overall high-speed closure automatic bag making machine equipment and industrial production and application, become many domestic enterprises need flexible packaging equipment bag problem.

Now domestic bag machine performance has been relatively stable, the degree of automation has been continuously improved. If it equipped with a photodetector system to achieve accurate positioning of the cursor, ensure the accuracy of sealing and cutting packaging process. In order to prevent water and more biscuits oxidative deterioration, the hose capping machine aluminum foil sealing machine also adds inflatable function, by injecting nitrogen gas or a mixed gas of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, to prevent the growth of microorganisms, significantly improve these modified atmosphere packaging technology the biscuits snack shelf life. China-made bag making, filling, sealing packaging machine is still pastry foods such as cakes, rice cakes, Tao Su, moon cake and granules, flakes hose aluminum foil sealing capping machine has been popularized.