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Packaging machinery industry problems encountered

Technical content of existing packaging machinery in China is not high, remote control, soon after on-site monitoring, servo technology, automatic flexible compensation, laser technology, digital information should be technology applications. Under the guidance of national policy, product structure adjustment and reorganization, the implementation of the series of specialized production. After 2001, the output value of packaging machinery accounted for about 9% of total output value of packaging industry, China has become a big consumer of packaging machinery production.

       All along, the Chinese multi-column packing machinery industry has been low-level repeated more and more disorderly competition, there is no fundamental change. Chinese enterprises in research and development costs only less than 1% of total sales, no long-term technical reserves, improve the autonomy of the older and less technology.

To this end, China's packaging machinery companies must face up using a variety of techniques to improve their predecessors, efforts to develop the application of mechanical, electronic, gas-liquid, biological, optical, magnetic, etc. in the package. As a modern manufacturing, it is necessary to speed up the transformation of information industry