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Detailed technical packaging machinery

At present, the major companies to adapt to market competition, product replacement cycle is shorter and shorter. Such as cosmetics, it can usually changed three years, or even a quarter of a change, but demand is relatively large (eg packaging apparatus used wooden cargo crates), so the flexible packaging machinery and flexibility makes high requirements: the packaging machinery is much larger than the life of the product life cycle. The concept can be flexible from the three main considerations: the amount of flexibility, agility and flexibility of supply structure. Specifically, to make packaging machinery has good flexibility and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation, we need to use microcomputer technology, function module technology. For example, in food packaging machines, on the basis of a machine on a combination of different elements, the use of multiple feed ports, a plurality of different folding packaging, it can package different types of products at the same time. Multiple robots in a host of monitoring operations, according to instructions in different ways for different types of food packaging. If the product requirements change, just change the hosts to within the calling program.


Gradually expand the field of safety testing

Security in any industry are the first key words, especially in the packaging industry. In the food industry, safety testing technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Specifically, it is the complete ingredients precision mechanical products were increased. At the same time, but also be able to record store operator, ingredients species, production time, equipment number and other information. We can load, temperature and humidity sensors and other features to achieve our objective.


Motion Control Technology

    Motion control technology in China is developing very rapidly, but the driving force for development in the packaging machinery industry has become less momentum. Motion control products and the role of technology in packaging machinery is mainly to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, mainly used for loading and unloading, transport, marking, stacking, unstacking and other processes. Lee said motion control technology is the difference between high and one of the key factors, the low-end packaging machinery, as well as technical support for China's packaging machinery upgrades. Since the entire mechanical packaging industry is continuous, so the speed, torque, precision and dynamic performance and other indicators have a high requirement, which is precisely fit the characteristics of the servo product.


Manufacturing Execution System need to break the bottleneck

In recent years, integration of technology in the packaging industry developed rapidly. More types of packaging machinery and equipment, which makes transmission products from different vendors interface, docking, equipment and industrial machines, information and devices encountered great difficulties. In this case, the packaging companies turned to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for a solution. But it is understood, MES applications in the packaging industry is not as good as people expected effect.