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Leading carton packaging machinery

First, it is the bag making, filling, sealing packaging machinery. The current domestic production of such machinery manufacturers more than 100, annual production of 15 million units. Bag making, filling, sealing packaging machinery development trends for the modular structure, multi-column high speed, high stability, transmission machinery is simple, adaptive closed-loop control. Second, the metal packaging container processing equipment. National metal packaging container processing machinery production industry has taken shape, the development trend of such products one is to improve product performance, improve the yield and material utilization,

Second, it is to accelerate the improvement of product technology, developed mercury-free welding and high frequency welding power supplies.

Third, corrugated boxes (board) production equipment. Over the past decade, our corrugated box machine carton machinery industry has developed rapidly, the development of product categories from a number of varieties to line corrugated board printing slotting machine, cardboard gluing machines, Cutaway machine series, the future direction of the high-speed First Complete equipment, and second, in the light of corrugated cardboard boxes equipment.

Fourth, pulp molding equipment. Our paper tableware processing equipment currently still relatively small scale of production, processing equipment, high prices. More research in the future pulp molded tableware processing machinery to reduce the cost of heating the mold forming, improved heating and reduce power consumption costs, increase production and so on.

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