World Series capping machine
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Uses and characteristics

The new type does not need to adjust the mold, the product features of the cover molding machine:

It has the characteristics of small size, easy operation, fast speed and quick adjustment. This machine can realize automatic start, hemming, folding and shaping folding coherent work.

1, do not need to change the global pressure plate and the blade, does not need to be adjusted in the folded ear position, safety, high efficiency, automatic control, easy adjustment, high quality, simple fault alarm.

2, the whole machine action servo and pneumatic completion, PLC programming control;

3, the machine debugging is completed by man-machine interface, easy to adjust;

4, all the control parts of the machine adopt the international high-end brand, low failure, high precision;

5, change the mold 5 minutes easy to get, the largest box size 480*410*120MM, the smallest box size 60*50*10MM

Technical parameter:


Maximum box size:480×410×120mm

Minimum box size: 60 x 50 x 10mm

Production speed: 18-24pcs/min

Power: 1.2kW

Outline size: L1000 x W1000 * H1900mm

Machine weight: 700kg